The unicorn employee

After many years of being either the hiring manager or candidate, it has become clear to me that there are a lot of recruiters and hiring managers who in reality are looking for a unicorn. In many cases, people are still employed for (documented and proven) skills rather than for (estimated) attitude and potential. There are also many out there who have a clear view e.g. on what the acceptable duration of every position in a cv might be.

There are very few who are really able to identify a unicorn even it is sitting in front of them. I am convinced that in many instances they simply don’t check if the animal in front of them looking like a horse, at first sight, is having a horn on its head.

What if the unicorn knew she/he had a unique set of benefits to add to the business? And what if this unicorn were treated like a horse by the majority of recruiters and hiring managers?

But there are some who are able to identify a unicorn for the specific set of benefits they are looking for. And they are also able to treat a unicorn as a unicorn.

Those recruiters/hiring managers will make a difference. This is the moment where the magic happens. Keep it up!