Digital transformation squared or even cubed


Glad to see that the so-called “Digital Transformation” is becoming something like mainstream. More and more companies realize that they urgently need to adapt to the new reality. It also shows that they start to understand how crucial true customer centricity has become.

So far, so good. Here comes the problem: While many companies are busy with their transformations the world has changed again. It is time to move to “Digital Transformation squared” or even to “Digital Transformation cubed.”

In all of my previous companies we were discussing things like the following:

  • We need to scale agile
  • Our platform is a monolith
  • The dependencies kill us
  • We need to create BI insights closer to the customers/business
  • We need seamless end-to-end customer experience
  • What is the role of Marketing if everything becomes “digital”?
  • Etc. Etc.

While those are busy with catching up with basics, there might be a missed opportunity to leapfrog the competition by addressing the “digital squared” possibilities. I am not saying this is easy. But this is the moment where you need to consider anticipating as much as you can even though you are busy with the current challenges. This is the starting point for serious discussions around

(Product) strategy – (Agile) ways of working – Product delivery

Don’t fool yourself and beware of the race between the hare and the tortoise to succeed…