Consumers aren’t happy with the status quo in Gaming

Yesterday I stumbled upon a blog post on EGR. More specifically please read this:

The core gambling products are relatively unchanged from those offered a century ago so it’s easy to understand why operators are usually resistant to change. But this year we’ve seen rising evidence that consumers are hungry for new products, and that the current way of doing things may not be the best approach.

From a new generation of online casino firms changing what an online casino experience needs to be to Sky Bet changing the very nature of the consumer sports betting offering to PokerStars attempting to reinvent online poker this year has seen no shortage of indicators of what comes next. Sky Bet’s sports betting offering is now led by the RequestABet product it helped bring to market, with more traditional betting markets often side-lined and placed below the scroll.

Mobile is, of course, a major part of this change and products designed not just for the smaller screen and touch navigation but for the new consumer mindset that comes with it will continue to provide growth opportunities for the bold. While the old way of doing things will continue to dominate, and continue to be profitable in the short-term, there is a sense that even more radical approaches may prove a breakthrough in the coming 2-3 years.

It is amazing to what extent the Gaming industry has been able to maintain the status quo. Now the big question is: Who is going to drive the next wave of change? What will build the competitive advantage over others? And this will most likely not be adding more marketing bucks and throwing more bonus money at players.

Someone I spoke to during the last days said it is all about the “people platform” and much less about the technical platform. The ability to tap into customer insight systematically and build relevant products & services fastest will make a difference. And this will need the right people platform. The good thing about this is that it is sustainable. If your organization has learned and keeps learning, the probability that you are going to belong to the winners is increasing massively.

Is your organization up to it?